You get a customized (3) session program for your kids or learning pod up to 6 kids.

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Each session includes video and printable PDF books for at home activities and learning games.

A STEM course taught by an M.D. ( physician). Students will learn actual science about their brains and bodies.

Customized Course for Your Kids or Learning Pod

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Hi, I’m Dr. Juna Bobby

I am a mom of two amazing kids, and a physician specializing in Lifestyle Medicine. My passion is to keep you well, and to prevent mental and physical stress that leads to disease states.

I am on faculty at Juilliard Pre-College, guest lecturer at Manhattan School of Music and I launched the Wellness programs for medical students at NYU SOM, and taught stress management at Columbia Law School, and at many other schools as well as to private students.

I am certified to teach Stress Management and Resilience by the Benson Henry Institute of Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School.



Be a Brain Boss to Focus & Get Calm

(3) Class Series for Kids Learn Science Backed Skills to Focus & Get Calm

Customize your course!

Your group can be up to 6 kids.

Customize your at home activities and lessons with a free 30 min set up call for teacher or parent.

Dr. Juna Bobby has mastered both the scientific knowledge and skill required to successfully guide others into resiliency. She also possesses a rare depth of empathy that makes the process of learning new skills a joy.

— Peg Baim, MS, NP Clinical Director, Center for Training Director, Stress Management and Resiliency Training Program at Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

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